Why Hire Professional Painters For Interior Painting Work?

By | February 6, 2018

As a homeowner, you may realise that painting the exterior of your home is a job best left to professionals, as the job is more complicated and even more dangerous than you may be able to handle on your own. For instance, one fall from a ladder can result in serious injuries. However, when it comes to painting the interior of your home, you may be tempted to do this on your own because you assume it’s easy to paint walls and ceilings. Before you do, note a few reasons why it’s best to hire a professional painter for interior painting work no matter the room.

1. The surface needs to be properly prepped

When it comes to painting walls and ceilings of your home, you need to ensure the surface is properly prepped before you paint. If not, you could paint right over dust and dirt and these would show through the paint, or cause it to peel away. Dirt and other buildup can also affect the paint colour, so that it looks dull and drab.

Some surfaces are too smooth to hold paint and they need to be scuffed up a bit so that the paint doesn’t simply peel away once it’s dry. Other surfaces are too rough and gritty and may need to be sanded down so that the paint looks smooth and even. Cracks and other defects may also need to be patched properly so that the paint adheres as it should.

A professional painting contractor will know how to prep each surface accordingly, so that the paint looks smooth and holds its colour. They can also ensure the surface is cleaned properly before painting.

2. The right tools need to be used

When you visit a paint supply store, you may see shelf after shelf of brushes and rollers, each of different sizes and textures. How do you know the right one to use for the interior of your home? This is important because each of those brushes and rollers are meant to work on different surfaces and with different types of paint, and using the wrong tool can mean a poor quality paint job.

As an example, rollers with thick covers that have long fibres are meant to be used on surfaces with cracks and crevices, such as brick walls and fireplaces, so that the paint gets into all those small spaces. However, using this type of roller on a smooth surface can mean paint that is too thick and which can easily peel away.

A professional painter will know the right brushes and rollers to use for each type of surface and each type of paint, so that the finished paint job looks its best. For more information, contact a company like